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Redditors Have Noticed Something Hilarious About Pokémon’s Masterball

Once you’ve seen it…

Credit: Niantic

The Pokémon franchise is pretty damn old now but if anything it’s only gotten bigger and better with time (the anime actually first aired on April 1, 1997. Yeah. Feel old, yet?)

Well despite its age, it seems people are still noticing and discovering new things about the franchise all the time, and the latest one is equal parts hilarious and disturbing.

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Credit: The Pokemon Company

Over on Reddit, people can’t get over how much Pokémon’s iconic Masterball happens to look like…well, it looks like someone’s put Wario’s thong onto a Pokéball.

Check out the image below but be warned – once you’ve seen it, it may ruin your Pokémon-catching life forever.

Credit: Reddit

The image, which was reposted and described as “cursed,” has gotten a lot of love on Reddit, and it’s currently sitting at more than 30 thousand upvotes as more and more people have their childhoods ruined.


“This cannot be unseen. May I join your death?” commented one Redditor.

Another lamented: “now i feel sorry for the mewtwo i forced inside of it.”

Same, tbh.

Credit: Nintendo

Wario’s underwear and the unfortunate home of Mewtwo aside, it’s been a pretty great few months for the Pokémon franchise and its millions of adoring fans.

Nintendo recently treated us all to the first glimpse of the upcoming new Pokémon RPGs coming to the Nintendo Switch, and the internet couldn’t be happier.

The official announcement trailer, which you can watch below, shows off a whole new region and even shows off a few new pocket monsters – the first three of the eighth generation of everyone’s favourite collectible critters.

Entitled Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, the games are expected to launch at the end of this year.




Featured Image Credit: Niantic

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