Redfall is already sitting at a ‘mostly negative’ rating on Steam

Today saw the global release for the highly-anticipated Redfall by Arkane Studios. However, it is already sitting at a ‘mostly negative’ rating on Steam.

Arkane’s latest vampire-slashing FPS was set to be one of the biggest game releases of the year. Unfortunately, despite Redfall being out for just a few hours, it is already receiving low scores on both Steam and Metacritic. 

Redfall is falling down in ratings

At the time of writing this, Redfall is currently sitting at a ‘mostly negative’ rating on Steam with only 29% of 491 user reviews being positive. Similarly, it has a score of 64 on Metacritic. With reports of bugs, crashes and just an overall empty and lacklustre world, this is perhaps no surprise. 

Between the half-baked gameplay loops, repetitive open-world busy work, and shockingly poor optimization, Redfall feels like a title that’s still in alpha, never mind a product that’s supposed to represent a flagship release for Microsoft’s premium subscription service,” says one review.

Another compared it to Arkane’s previous hit, Dishonoured. “Another strong contender for worst PC port of the year. How did Arkane regress from Dishonored to this?”

PC Issues aplenty 

Reports of the game’s disappointing performance on PC have been flooding in too. This was confirmed by Dexerto gaming editor Patrick Dane.

“It’s a deeply disappointing title from a studio capable of so much more. On PC the performance is horrendous, and even if it’s working, it’s largely an uninteresting collection of compromised ideas.”

With an unsteady framerate, connectivity issues whether you play solo or in co-op and no matchmaking for multiplayer, Redfall is going to need a lot of work before it is playable. 

With it being Arkane Studio’s lowest scoring game yet, it is a disappointing time for fans of their previous titles such as Dishonoured, Deathloop and Prey. 

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