Resellers sell out God Of War Ragnarok Collector’s Editions in minutes

Fans miss out as Collector’s Editions of God of War Ragnarok sell out in minutes. Only for resellers to list hundreds of copies for extortionate prices on eBay.

Last week, the collectors editions of God of War Ragnarok were finally unveiled. The most expensive edition, at £230, was named the ‘Jotnar Edition.’ It included a 16” detailed replica of Thor’s signature hammer and more.

Fans were foaming at the mouth for it, and the other Collector’s Edition bundle of special God of War goodies. But they weren’t the only ones.

Resellers had their eyes set on God of War Ragnarok as pre-orders went up this morning. After selling out in minutes, hundreds of listings of the game were listed on sites like eBay.

With God of War Ragnarok being one of the most anticipated games of 2022, there’s no wonder both collector editions of the game would sell out so quickly. But I don’t think anyone anticipated how badly they’d have to fight against resellers and their bots to get a copy.

Even our own Richard Breslin found it frustrating to get a copy of the Collector’s Edition this morning.

Despite getting up early, and trying to access websites like GAME to grab their copies, many fans missed out because these resellers and their bots got their first.

Resellers are now selling pre-orders on eBay for £600. That’s more than the actual PS5 you need to play it on.

You’d think that as a lot of us do our shopping all online, there would be systems in place to clamp down on this happening.

Yet, when it comes to video games, and even vinyl, resellers and their bots are still ruining it for the rest of us.

God of War Ragnarok Collectors Editions – here’s what you get


Credit: SEGA / Data Discs.

It isn’t just video games that the resellers have been buying up, but video game soundtracks too. 

We’ve seen a resurgence in vinyl over the years. Whether you plan to listen to them, or just display them, they’re wonderful things to have in your collection.

And resellers know this all too well.

London-based company, Data Discs, were hit with resellers bots buying up the stock of their new Sonic Spinball vinyl. Releasing on July 7th, records sold out in 2 minutes, and instantly, there were hundreds of listings on eBay. 

Data Discs will list variations of their vinyl. Each will usually have a limited edition, which won’t be re-stocked. For Sonic Spinball this was the 180g Frosted Clear Blue Stripe edition. And these are usually what excite resellers the most.

Priced at £23.99, resellers were listing them for upwards of £100. Data Discs did their best to get listings removed from eBay, and cancel bot orders. However, you can still find them being sold on eBay.

Data Discs do try and restock their vinyl regularly to help combat the amount of reselling as they’re one of the good guys.

But despite many companies’ best efforts, anything people are willing to spend money on will be resold.

The only thing we can do is try our best to not buy anything from these people.

I’d rather miss out than dignify resellers with a purchase.

Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio Source: Twitter

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