Resident Evil 3 Mod Replaces Enemies With Dinosaurs

Capcom absolutely smashed it out of the park with last year’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, and though RE3 Remake has received mixed reviews from players, it’s still sold millions of copies and has players eagerly awaiting more revisits to classic games.

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One of the most-wanted remakes of all time just so happens to be a Capcom IP – Dino Crisis. The survival horror title that saw you pitted against huge and aggressive dinosaurs charmed millions of players back in 1999, and fans have been clamouring for a remake or remaster for the last few years.

Credit: Capcom

Though Capcom has remained quiet on the possibility of Dino Crisis Remake, modders are here to help you get your dino fix with Dino Evil 3, an RE3 Remake mod that will transform enemies into dinos.

Available to download  at NexusMods [via DSOGaming], Dino Evil 3 is in its early stages. So far there’s only one type of dinosaur that you can get in your game, that being a sort of mini tyrannosaurus rex, but hey, this is just version 0.1 of the mod.

The mod’s creator, Darkness Valtier, has shared a test of the mod in action over on YouTube. Check it out in the video below!

YouTube video

As for whether or not an official Dino Crisis remake is on the cards…well, that remains to be seen. With so much fan outcry for the game, it’s hard to imagine Capcom hasn’t at least considered a revival of the beloved IP.

Just a few months ago it was revealed that Capcom has registered for a number of new trademarks, including the likes of “Dino Crisis” and “Darkstalkers.”

Credit: NexusMods/Darknessvaltier/Capcom

During an investor meeting back in the summer of 2018, a representative for Capcom was asked what the company was planning for the future. Capcom responded: “Regarding remakes and rereleases of titles in our back catalog, we expect to explore these further with a variety of properties as a part of our strategy to utilize our library of IP.”

Here’s hoping for more Dino Crisis!

Featured Image Credit: NexusMods/Darknessvaltier/Capcom