Resident Evil 4 remake confirms return of popular villain

Legendary series villain Albert Wesker has been confirmed for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, to no surprise whatsoever.

Albert Wesker is not only one of (if not) the most iconic villains in the franchise, but also in the whole of video gaming. Chronologically, fans haven’t been treated to a dose of the indoor shades-wearing bad guy since 2009’s RE5. And yes, I’m ignoring that Netflix series.

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Wesker returns in Resident Evil 4

That being said, fans of Resident Evil will not be surprised by this news. After all, Wesker was prominent in the original RE4. Still, nonetheless, it’s nice to get that official confirmation.

However, Wesker might sound a little different than before. In the original RE4, Wesker was voiced by Richard Waugh. As confirmed on IMDB, in the remake, Wesker will now be voiced by Connor Fogarty. This will be the second time Fogarty has voiced Wesker, following the recent Dead by Daylight DLC.

resident evil 4 leon
Credit: Capcom

Who else stars in RE4?

Fans of the Resident Evil 2 remake will be pleased to know that Nick Apostolides will return as Leon S. Kennedy. To be fair, we suspected that Apostolides would return, as it sounded like the same voice in the RE4 remake trailers.

Fans have also been longing for Leon and Jill Valentine to finally meet up in the video game series. While that is yet to happen, Jill’s voice actress from the Resident Evil 3 remake also stars in the RE4 remake. 

However, Nicole Tompkins will play the role of Ashely Graham. What’s more, we previously learned that Ashley’s likeness is based on the Dutch model, Ella Freya.

resident evil 4 ashley leon
Credit: Capcom

The voice actress for Ada Wong has also been changed. In the Resident Evil 2 remake, the charismatic double agent was voiced by Jolene Anderson. In the RE4 remake, Ada will be played by Lily Gao, who also played the character in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

Elsewhere in the RE4 remake, Luis Sera will be played by Salvador Serrano (new to the series). Joe Thomas will voice President Graham (Ashley’s father). Thomas also voices President Graham in the Netflix series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

At least according to IMDB, that concludes the confirmed characters so far. Obviously, we know that a lot more characters will feature, as seen in recent trailers. Moreover, now that the Island has been confirmed to return, we also know that Jack Krauser will also feature.

RE4 leon and krauser
Credit: Capcom

When is the Resident Evil 4 remake release date?

The Resident Evil 4 remake has a release date of March 24th, 2023. It will be released for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X|S.

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