Resident Evil Director Confirms The Sexuality Of One Of The Characters

Resident Evil Resistance director Al Yang has confirmed that one of the characters in the multiplayer spin-off title is gay.

So who is the character in question? Well, that would be Tyrone Henry. Much like all the other playable survivors in the multiplayer game, Tyrone was abducted by Umbrella Corporation to take part in the Resistance experiment.

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Before his abduction, Tyrone was a firefighter for the Raccoon Fire Department and was taken by the evil corporation when responding to what he thought was an emergency call. 

In terms of playstyle, Tyrone is considered to be a “Tank”-type class that excels in close-quarter combat.

In celebration of Pride Month, as covered by Gamesradar, Al Yang took to Twitter to confirm that Tyrone is gay. However, given that RE Resistance is one of the least story-driven titles in the series, perhaps most wouldn’t have known about his sexuality.

It’s basically impossible to tell, but the character setting for Tyrone is that he is gay, but the goal was to write this without it becoming the sole basis of his character. The nature of PvP only games makes revealing this kind of info sometimes feel pretty abrupt.

Yang went on to elaborate that it’s not about creating a character where their sexuality is their defining attribute but is instead about creating a character that just so happens to be gay.

Are you still playing Resident Evil Resistance, and if so, who is your main character? Want to dive into the world of Resident Evil? .


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Featured Image Credit: Capcom/GGRecon