Logan Paul Walks Into Mayweather Fight Wearing A Rare Pokemon Card

Social media star Logan Paul walked into his fight with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. wearing a rare Pokemon card as a chain!

Back in October 2020, you may remember that Logan Paul had purchased one of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world for $150,000. The card in question is a BGS-graded 10 Charizard.

At the time, not only did Logan Paul spend a whopping $150,000 on the lucrative card Paul also donated $200,000 to the National Alliance on Mental Health.

This weekend Paul (26) went the distance with five-time world champion Mayweather (44) in the 8-round exhibition match in Miami’s Hard Rock stadium. However, it was the lucrative Pokemon card that caught the attention of some eagle-eyed viewers.

In the tweet above, Logan Paul does indeed appear to be wearing the same Pokemon card he purchased last year on a chain.

I think it’s fair to say that given the extra exposure to Logan Paul’s luxurious Pokemon card, the card’s value will likely sky-rocket since the weekend.

charizard card
Credit: Unsplash.com/@thimo/Wizards of the Coast

It will be interesting to see if in the next fight (we all it’s coming), whether the YouTube star will pick up another ultra-rare Pokemon card and wear it to the ring too. Or maybe he’ll go for something even rarer. A golden Wii made for the Queen? A $600,000+ copy of the original Super Mario Bros? Who knows!

What would you like to see him wear to the ring? Make sure to let us know over on our Discord.


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YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: YouTube: Logan Paul