Xbox Series X|S Will Soon Get A Super-Resolution And Framerate Boost

The Xbox Series X|S will receive a ‘super’ resolution and framerate boost in the very near future thanks to its AMD technology.

As reported by IGN, they received confirmation that computer tech company AMD plans to release FidelityFX: Super Resolution on June 22nd to compete with Nvidia’s DLSS.

It has also been confirmed that AMD’s supersampling technology will not only support the Xbox Series X, but also the slightly less powerful (and cheaper) Xbox Series S console. This could be a big thing for the slightly less expensive console that will help give it that little bit of a boost on games that support it.

At Xbox, we’re excited by the potential of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology as another great method for developers to increase framerates and resolution. We will have more to share on this soon,” a Microsoft rep told IGN.

So, what does this mean for owners of the Xbox Series consoles? Well, to put it simply, it will mean that both consoles will have a boost in resolution and framerate performance. Great news for everyone!

An image of Xbox Series X Tech
Credit: Microsoft

It is worth keeping in mind that the FidelityFX Super Resolution technology will only support compatible games, so it won’t work for every game in your Xbox library.

This news will surely come as a welcome surprise to Xbox gamers because after all, we all want better gaming.

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