Resident Evil Village Gold – Do You Need To Buy It?

Resident Evil Village went gold way before its release date, but now there’s a complete bundle of the game coming with a Lycans worth of content that’s all brand new.

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The big question is, do you need to buy it? Let’s break the bundle down so our readers can decide what they need and what they don’t:

What’s Included? – Resident Evil Village Gold

Touted as the complete edition of Resident Evil Village, the gold edition comes with the Winters’ Expansion. This includes:

– Third Person Mode – Allows players to play through Village from a Third Person perspective

– The Mercenaries Additional Orders – Adds new playable characters and stages

– Shadows of Rose DLC – A new story focused on Ethan’s daughter, Rose.

Shadows Of Rose DLC – Should You Play It?

When Does It Release?

Resident Evil Villiage Gold drops on 28th October alongside the Shadows of Rose DLC and Resident Evil Re:Verse survival horror revenge multiplayer experience.

Resident Evil Village Gold
Credit: Capcom
Who’s Included In Mercenaries?

The following three characters have been confirmed for The Mercenaries – Additional Orders. New stages have also been added that apparently ‘greatly enhance the mode’s versatility and play volume’ according to Capcom:

– Chris Redfield

– Heisenberg

– Lady Dimitrescu

What’s The Shadow Of Rose About?

Set 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village, Ethan’s daughter, Rosemary Winters Is beginning to struggle with her growing innate powers. We’ve done a full article on the DLC that covers everything players need to know.

Is Resident Evil Village Re:Verse Included?

Re: Verse comes free with all new copies of Resident Evil Village, make sure to redeem your included code on the relevant account so it doesn’t get lost! Re: Verse features legacy Resident Evil characters in four to six-person survival horror revenge matches.

These five-minute death matches are point-based, with downed players turning into powerful bioweapons to help turn the tide of battle. Players will also be able to find Virus Capsules to power up this state.

Do I Need To Buy Resident Evil Village Gold?

We would recommend it for new players, but returning players can just buy the Winters’ Expansion separately at a lower price point. This includes all of the extra content featured in the gold edition.

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