Resident Evil Village Has Been Reimagined As A PS1 Classic

A Resident Evil Village fan has transformed Capcom’s creepy caper into a low res PS1 classic. The result? Something eerier than the actual game!

Resident Evil Village Demake 2
Credit: YouTube/Hoolopee

Crafted by blender artist Hoolopee, the Village “demake” features graphics and audio that emulate the aesthetic of a 32-bit PlayStation game [via GameSpot]. Of course, if you remember Sony’s golden years, then you’ll know that means muddy graphics, dank lighting effects and character models that are inherently unsettling. 

While some games circumvented these technical limitations with bright colours and cartoony characters, the horror genre used them to its advantage. Games like the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill both thrived due to the PS1’s uncanny visuals, which Hoolopee infused into their Village fan project.

YouTube video

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t Hoolopee’s first demake rodeo, as the artist also previously created Death Stranding with PS1 visuals. Nevertheless, there’s something particularly creepy about this low-res version of Village, especially when it comes to the game’s inhabitants. The trailer’s blurry faces somehow make the experience even freakier, making the whole affair feel like a twisted dream. 

As for the pseudo game’s take on Lady Dimitrescu? Well, let’s just say that even fans of the tall lady will be slightly horrified of her this time around. Featuring dead yellow eyes and pixellated grin, Hoolopee’s version of the countess is sheer nightmare fuel. While there’s no denying that the actual Resident Evil Village is an unnerving fright-fest, there’s something about this horror project’s antiquated graphics that modern games just can’t pull off. 

Resident Evil Village Demake
Credit: YouTubve/Hoolopee

Believe it or not, the practice of demaking modern games is more common than you’d think. Bloodborne PSX is another example of a video game demake that aims to replicate the PS1 experience. While Hoolopee’s demake trailers are pseudo representations, Bloodborne PSX is set to be a playable game that uses Unreal Engine. Created by Twitter users @b0ster and @WitchJRPG, the project is a perfect example of how horror can be elevated by an antiquated aesthetic. 

Who knows, perhaps someone will turn Hoolopee’s trailer into a playable game someday. Until then, we’ll have to make do with the artist’s incredibly convincing trailer!

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Hoolopee