Resident Evil Village – Here’s a fresh look at the new DLC

We’ve had a fresh new look at the upcoming DLC for Resident Evil Village, as well as news on Nintendo Switch ports.

The new footage in question was in relation to Ethan Winter’s expansion which can be purchased as an individual bundle or as part of the Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition which also includes the base game.

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The Ethan Winters expansion includes a new third-person perspective for the main RE Village campaign. Furthermore, it will also come with new Mercenaries missions as well as new story DLC starring Rose Winters.

New Resident Evil Village content arrives next month

Firstly, let’s begin with the new third-person perspective. This new perspective almost makes Resident Evil Village look like a new game with its over-the-shoulder viewpoint made famous by the likes of the original RE4.

resident evil villlag dlc
Credit: Capcom

In my opinion, a first-person perspective is often scarier. However, the third-person view in RE Village will give us a new appreciation of its hellish creatures and wonderfully crafted, nightmarish world.

The popular Mercenaries mode returns to RE Village with “Additional Orders”. The DLC not only brings new maps to enjoy, but we’ll also get to play as Chris Redfield, Heisenberg as well as Lady Dimitrescu. Each of the three new characters will be equipped with unique powers and abilities.

lady d
Credit: Capcom

Lady D powers up with her lipstick!

However, to no surprise whatsoever, it’s Lady Dimitrescu that steals the show. Not only does she tower over her pitiful foes, but she also powers up by taking a sip from her divine wine glass of vintage blood and by applying some lipstick. We love you Lady D!

Finally, the Shadows of Rose DLC stars Ethan and Mia’s daughter, Rose Winters. The DLC takes place 16 years after the events of the main story and it seems that The Duke is a new lord with ungodly powers. Unless The Duke was always the sinister lord he is now. Perhaps The Duke was hiding in plain sight all along?

lady dimitrescu mercenaries
Credit: Capcom

Will Rose find more than she bargained for?

Thankfully, Rose will be equipped with powers of her own, with her being a direct creation of a superorganism, commonly referred to as the mold. Rose can not only heal super-fast, but she can also freeze enemies to a standstill. However, I’m sure she has one or two more tricks up her sleeve.

Rose ventures to the Village, not to enhance her powers, but to be cured of them. Presumably, in the hope of living a normal life. 

resident evil village shadows of rose
Credit: Capcom

Unfortunately for Rose, when she arrives at the Village, she is pulled into a “twisted realm within the mind of the Megamycete.” Furthermore, she also encounters a new enemy type called Face Eaters. Which I suppose by name, are self-explanatory.

Resident Evil Village and more are to the Switch

In related Resident Evil Village news, Capcom announced that the game is now coming to MacBook Pro later this year. Furthermore, along with RE Village, the RE2 and RE3 remakes, as well as RE7 are all coming to the Nintendo Switch.

resident evil 2 remake
Credit: Capcom

Sadly, however, these Switch ports will be cloud versions of the game. It would have been great to have downgrading physical releases. After all, Alien Isolation, Dying Light and The Witcher 3 all run on the Nintendo Switch.

You can pre-order the cloud versions now via the Nintendo eShop and there is also a demo available. However, you will only be able to buy the cloud Resident Evil games once you have successfully passed an internet connection test, which makes sense. The Resident Evil cloud games arrive on October 28th.

Finally, Capcom has also revealed that there will be a new Resident Evil Showcase sometime in October, with the promise of more updates on the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition and the Ethan Winters expansion arrives on October 28th for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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