Resident Evil Village third-person playable demo

During the Resident Evil Showcase, it was announced that Village is getting a third-person playable demo and it’s available now.

There are already a few playable demos for Resident Evil Village, so the new third-person version might not pop up right away, but it’s there.

resident evil villag demo
Credit: Capcom

What do we need to know about the new demo?

Unlike previous demos, this will be playable in the new third-person perspective which is included in the Winters Expansion. Whether it’s on PC, PlayStation or Xbox, the demo is called “Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition – Gameplay Demo”.

At least on PS5, the file size is 6.43GB, 6.85GB on Xbox and at least 8GB on PC. You will have the choice of playing the demo in either a third-person or first-person perspective. 

The demo itself is the Castle version, in which Ethan wakes up after an encounter with the Dimitrescu family. The demo will last for 60 minutes once you start playing.

We also got a brand-new trailer!

YouTube video

As well as the new playable demo, we were also treated to a new gameplay trailer. Much featured in the trailer is what we’ve already seen before, but there is some new content, such as a new monster. We also see Rose meeting a mysterious man in a park prior to her returning to the village.

When Rose returns to the village, a lot has changed after 16 years. For starters, The Duke merchant is seemingly now a Lord! However, I’m sure we all suspected as much from playing the main campaign. Capcom says that in the village, Rose has ventured into the world of consciousness and is haunted by nightmares of the past.

Capcom explains the third-person perspective

re village shadow of rose
Credit: Capcom

Capcom also elaborated on why it decided to add the new third-person perspective for the main campaign as well as the Shadows of Rose DLC. 

There were a number of factors. Firstly, it’s to make RE Village less scary and welcoming. However, other than that one moment, I wouldn’t consider RE Village too much of a scary game. Each to our own, I suppose.

Secondly, the third-person perspective will also help those that may suffer from motion sickness instead of playing in first-person. Thirdly, it’s a new way for all to experience Resident Evil Village.

Moreover, when on the topic of the third-person perspective, Capcom said that it still won’t be possible to see Ethan’s face. Even when we move the camera, Ethan will look away. Though, I’m sure that won’t stop PC modders.

resident evill village third person
Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil Village gets Additional Orders!

Capcom also spoke a little more on the new Mercenaries mode called “Additional Orders”. Unlike the standard Mercenaries in the main game of Village, we can now play as Chris Redfield, Heisenberg and Lady Dimitrescu.

The three new characters playable in Additional Orders are called “Lords” because they have special powers not found in the standard Mercs mode. Oh, and Lady D is a bit shorter in Additional Orders. Boooo!

mercenaries additional orders
Credit: Capcom

When is Resident Evil Village Gold Edition being released?

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition comes bundled with the Winters Expansion on October 28th. You can also buy the Winters Expansion separately should you already own the main game.

In case you missed it, we were also treated to an action-packed gameplay trailer for the Resident Evil 4 remake, which releases on March 24th, 2023.

resident evil village gold edition
Credit: Capcom

We reviewed Resident Evil Village

In our review of Resident Evil Village, we said: “The game provides moments of genuine horror, but will still entice you to come back for more, even if it’s to just be chased by Lady Dimitrescu.

Will you be checking out the new playable demo and are you looking forward to the Winters Expansion? Let us know across our social media channels.

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