Retailer Is Selling Pokemon Cards Again Following Removal From Sale

Retail giant Target will once again start selling Pokemon cards in stores following the removal of the cards from sale due to customer safety concerns.

Last month, retailers Target and Walmart removed the sale of Pokemon Trading Cards in stores due to the aggressive behaviour of customers clambering to grab all the cards they can to sell on at big profits. Just look at the video below as adults stampede their way into a store and there’s not even a child in sight!

At the time Target put up a notice in-store informing customers: “To ensure the safety of our guests and team members, effective May 14th, MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokemon Trading Cards will no longer to sold in stores until further notice.

Yet it seems that Target will soon be selling Pokemon Trading Cards in its stores, in fact, they may even be available right now.

stock photo pokemon cards

As picked up by Game Rant, when a fan responded to a tweet from Target asking if it was true that it will start selling Pokemon Trading Cards soon, the “Ask Target” Twitter account replied to the follower:

Stores will resume selling select Pokémon Trading Cards the week of June 1, 2021. Pokémon Trading Cards can be sold seven days per week and will have a limit of 2 items per guest per day.

Unfortunately for sports card collectors, it seems that MLB, NFL or NBA cards won’t be returning in-store anytime soon, though they will be available online.

Let’s just hope that when Pokemon Trading Cards (and sports cards) are made available in store once again, the adults can set a good example this time.

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