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Retailers Remove Pokemon Cards From Sale Due To Safety Concerns

US retailers Target and Walmart have removed Pokemon trading cards’ from sale due to customers’ safety concerns.

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Credit: The Pokemon Company/McDonald’s

People profiting from reselling items such as Pokemon trading cards and consoles have been a real issue of late.  We all know that resellers are a contributing factor to the ongoing stock shortages of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Pokemon trading cards have also encountered similar issues when it comes to stock.  In the US McDonald’s Happy Meals, which included Pokemon cards continually ran out of stock due to resellers swiping supplies.

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Many children that wanted to collect a Pokemon card with their Happy Meal were unable to do so due to resellers.  Soon in the UK, Pokemon cards will also be offered with Happy Meals, and it’s expected that we’ll encounter the same problems as our US counterparts.

On Twitter, Alan Johnson of Warner Bros Games shared some images from Target and Walmart (via TotallyToyrecon) informing customers that trading cards will be pulled from sale due to reports of “inappropriate customer behavior.”  Yikes!

Earlier this month, violence broke out between customers in a Target store fighting over who gets to buy sports trading cards, which no doubt was a contributor to the decision to pull trading cards from some US retail stores.


Social media stars such as the controversial Logan Paul has also been getting in on the lucrative business of the Pokemon trading card after spending $150,000 on a rare Charizard card.

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