Returnal’s Next Update Has Fans Hoping For A Save Function

Housemarque’s roguelike Returnal is apparently set for a 6GB update and fans are hoping that it means that a save function is on the way.

The news of the apparent upcoming 6GB update was shared by Twitter page PlayStation Game Size, and it got fans a little excited.

The 6GB update is said to currently only be available for the developer version of the game. This might indicate that the update might be available for public release in the near future.

According to PlayStation Game Size, they believe that the upcoming update could mean that new features might be tested ahead of the public release. Fans hope that we might be getting new story content, while most believe that it could result in the highly requested save function.

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The topic of a save function for Returnal is a very controversial subject. At the time of writing, Returnal features no traditional save. Without giving too much away, once you die in Returnal, your world resets and is procedurally generated. In my opinion, it’s a massive part of the game’s beauty.

However, this mechanic isn’t the easiest for every gamer, even for those that really enjoy Returnal. In Returnal you cannot just reach a halfway point in an area, save, and return later. If you end your game, your progress will be lost. Perhaps more accurately, your progress will be reset.

Will you return to Returnal if a save function is added?

Credit: Housemarque

Sure, you can leave your PlayStation 5 in sleep mode and return later, but that’s not ideal for everyone. Especially if you forget Returnal is in sleep mode and you boot up another game, resetting your progress in the process.

If Returnal does bring in a save function, it will certainly be a controversial topic for some gamers. Just take a look at all the diverse comments in the Twitter thread below.

What are your thoughts on the prospect of a Returnal update adding a save function? Let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Housemarque