Revolution Esports & iPRO To Bring Healthy Hydration To Competitive Gaming

Revolution Esports has partnered together with iPRO to bring healthy hydration into the world of esports.

revolution esports
Credit: Revolution Esports/iPRO

As part of a three-year deal, both Revolution Esports and iPRO will work together to integrate the health and wellbeing brand into the competitive gaming scene. iPRO is known for its wide range of healthy drinks and has already established partnerships with the likes of Scottish Rugby, Irish FA, GB Basketball, West Ham United and more. 

In a move that contradicts the usual esports culture of sugary energy drinks, iPRO Hydrate contains zero sugar and nothing artificial. Using a combination of Stevia and vitamins, iPRO hydrate improves cognitive concentration while still tasting great. This is sure to benefit talent within the esports scene, with players needing to maintain their concentration levels in order to up their game.

In a recent press release, iPRO Global Partnerships Manager Lucy Darrall made the following statement in regards to the partnership:

iPRO are so excited to be working with Revolution Esport as we set foot in the increasingly popular esport industry. There is a huge synergy between both brands in our desires to promote health and wellness in a sport that is bombarded with unhealthy products. As such, I look forward to working with Revolution Esports and their partners to improve the lifestyle of esports talent.

Revolution Esports
Credit: Revolution Esports/iPRO

Revolution Esports’ CEO Adam Johnston also commented on his company’s partnership with iPRO, stating that he is “delighted” that his company can “work with a team who has a product that is world-renowned and highly respected.

Not only will iPRO benefit competitive esports players, but it also features packaging that is 100% recyclable. This means that both companies can work towards a sustainability agenda that will benefit both consumers and the environment. 

GameByte x Revolution Esports
Credit: GameByte x Revolution Esports

GameByte has also partnered with Revolution Esports, signing a three-year deal as its exclusive social media partner! We’ll also become one of five UK Esports Hubs where Revolution talent can compete and train. Find out more!

You can check out iPRO’s Healthy Hydration range at You can also follow Revolution Esports on Twitter and Instagram for some esports goodness.

Featured Image Credit: Revolution Esports/iPRO