"Roblox is now worth seven Ubisofts"

Roblox Accused Of “Exploiting” Young Developers For Financial Gain

A recent report has found that Roblox, the online game creator platform, is currently profiting from exploiting young game developers.

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Credit: Roblox

According to People Make Games, an investigative YouTube channel that highlights curiosities and issues within the industry, the multibillion-dollar company is taking advantage of aspiring game creators. This is something that the channel’s recent video report attributes to the platform’s structure.

So, how is Roblox’s current structure exploiting young developers? Well, for starters, Roblox’s exchange system makes the process of earning money on the platform incredibly difficult. Not only does the system use a virtual currency called “Robux” but it also imposes rules that set the minimum value that can be withdrawn at 100,000. Shady!

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Of course, earning this amount of Robux is also no easy feat, and usually requires a substantial amount of success on the platform. Naturally, that brings us to our next issue – platform visibility. The Roblox front page has a distinct lack of discoverability tools in place, instead opting to display on the most popular games. Therefore, if you’re a young developer looking to maximise exposure to your Roblox creation, your chances are fairly slim.

Archaic financial practices

While users need to generate 100,000 Robux to withdraw, they can also sell the currency back to the company. However, the currency’s value significantly drops in this scenario to around $350. Sounds pretty shifty, right? Well, People Make Games’ Quintin Smith thinks so too. In fact, the journalist compares the practice to the likes of the now-banned practice of paying via Script. What’s Script? Well, it was an alternative currency used to force labourers to recycle their earnings back to their employer. Sounds familiar, right?

Of course, Roblox’s shady practices are something the company excuses by citing the fact their game creation tools are free. Yet, since becoming a publically traded company, it has been revealed that the platform is worth more than $45 billion, which is around seven times that of Ubisoft.

roblox financial comparison
Credit: People Make Games

Whether or not Roblox will properly address the issues with its platform remains to be seen. However, Quintin Smith has since stated that the comments section of the video report is “packed full” of additional concerns and issues [via Eurogamer]. Regardless of if Roblox responds to the specifics of this damning report, the legislation associated with the companies practices is in need of a serious overhaul.

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