Rumour Says A New PlayStation Plus Service Is Coming

Boy oh boy, news about the PlayStation 5 is finally here and it’s gotten everyone all excited.

With the recent confirmation of the console’s backwards compatibility which was rumoured a few months ago, everyone wants to know which other rumours could be true.

Credit: Sony

One of the most likely-sounding leaks/rumours/suggestions is the addition of a new PlayStation Plus service.

Right now, PS players can sign up to the subscription service, which allows for online play and offers monthly free games, but from the sounds of things Sony has something new planned…

A leak that appeared on Pastebin purports to be from a AAA developer working on a PS5 title in the EU.

Alongside some specs, some apparent launch titles, and a release date of either March or November 2020, the anonymous source also cited something called PS Plus Premium.

Credit: Sony

PS Plus Premium will – according to the leak – offer guaranteed video game beta and alpha access, alongside the ability to create private servers for those signed up.

As always with these things, take the ‘news’ with a pinch of salt for now.

Something exciting that Sony has confirmed though it the inclusion of backwards compatibility for the upcoming console.

In an interview with WIRED, PS4 architect Mark Cerny confirmed the new console will support PS4 games.

WIRED writes: “Because [the next console is] based in part on the PS4’s architecture, it will also be backward-compatible with games for that console.

“As in many other generational transitions, this will be a gentle one, with numerous new games being released for both PS4 and the next-gen console.”

It’s expected to launch in 2020.

Credit: Naughty Dog

It’s going to be interesting to see how Sony plans to launch upcoming titles like The Last of Us Part 2. It’s so far been assumed that the title would launch as the swan song of the PS4, and would then get a remastered PS5 version.

The news that the PS5 will be backwards compatible might throw a spanner in the works for that theory…

Featured Image Credit: Sony