Rumour Says Dead Island 2 Will Be PS5 & Xbox Scarlett Launch Title

Dead Island 2 has been on the cards for a while now, but a new rumour suggests that the game isn’t only coming in 2020, but that it’ll also be a launch title for both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Scarlett.

The rumour stems from a Reddit user named MrJaxerino [via ComicBook], who claims to have some insider info about Dead Island 2. As always, this is an unverified source, and the user doesn’t appear to have any proof for their claims. Take the “news” with a pinch of salt.

Credit: THQ Nordic

The user writes: “Dead Island 2 is still in development by THQ Nordic (which we already knew). The new information I learned from a developer on the game is that the team is looking to target a 2020 release to launch alongside the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

“Also, the team is also apparently working on some new gore technology that utilizes ‘sub polygon displacement.’ I am in no way an expert on these things but that is what I was told. Finally, as a kind of obvious statement, the team at THQ Nordic does have PS5 dev kits and they do in fact look like the leaks.”

Credit: THQ Nordic

All had been fairly quiet on the Dead Island 2 front until just before E3 this year, when the title was mentioned during a financial presentation from THQ Nordic.

At the time, the company assured its investors that the zombie game is still in development, though THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors didn’t give away anything more than that.

Credit: THQ Nordic

First unveiled by Yager back at E3 2014, news on Dead Island 2 has since been scarce, and with lots of developmental changes happening behind the scenes, Dead Island 2 seemed to be disappearing faster than a decaying corpse in the tropical sun.

Although we know the game is well into the development process, it being a next-gen game would make a lot of sense for the timeline…

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Featured Image Credit: THQ Nordic