Rumour: The Witcher Season 2 May Bring Back Surprise Character

It’s rumoured that the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher may bring back a surprise character from the show’s first season.

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As reported by Witcher leaks site Redanian Intelligence, the alleged character is one who had a minor role in the first season, and who appears to be returning for a potentially bigger role this time around.

You might remember Danica, played by Imogen Daines, who appears in the third episode of season one.

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Danica is the sex worker who attends to Geralt and discusses his scars with him. She doesn’t make another appearance in the show, and for all intents and purposes isn’t a major character, making the rumours of her inclusion in season two VERY intriguing.

According to the publication, Daines will be reprising her role as Danica and will appear in at least one of the first episodes of season two. Exactly why is unclear, but as this is yet to be confirmed, take the news with a grain of salt for now.

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Speaking of The Witcher, it’s rumoured that Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, may be appearing in the show’s prequel series, The Witcher: Blood Origin.

The news comes from SuperheroEra, where the publication cites unnamed sources for the leak (note that the website also says the same sources have correctly leaked similar information in the past). As always, take the news with a pinch of salt until confirmed by the powers that be.

Not too much is known about The Witcher prequel series as of yet, but Jason Momoa would be massive score for the series, regardless in what capacity he might appear.

The Netflix prequel was announced earlier this summer following the success of the The Witcher’s first season in late 2019. Sharing the news on Twitter at the time, the official social media account for Netflix explained the series will take place 1200 years before we meet our hero Geralt of Rivia, so don’t expect the same cast or even a similar story.

Let’s hope we’ll hear more on both The Witcher season two and its prequel series sooner rather than later!

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