SAF Global Gaming Signs New Player To Its Upcoming Esports Academy

SAF Global Gaming has signed its first FIFA esports player in conjunction with plans to launch a new FIFA esports academy.

Who Is Joining SAF Global Gaming?

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15-year-old Tommie Mackie is the first player to join SAF’s new academy team. Mackie has already achieved 200 finishers throughout his FIFA esports career and has competed in several 30-0 weekend league games. Announcing Mackie’s signing and the new esports academy, SAF esports Manager Jon Jarvis expressed his excitement about the project and young payers future with the team:

“I am delighted to announce our esports academy team; it has been something we have planned to do since I joined SAF over 18 months ago.

Having spoken to Tommy and his family about our intentions for the academy, we have found a player that matches our ethos, and we are delighted to be able to work with the next generation of FIFA players”.

Why Is This Good News?

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Firstly, the new esports initiative aims to identify young FIFA players and develop their skills for future FSG events. SAF Global Gaming hopes to take a similar approach to that of a traditional sports club by creating a regime that will identify and improve the player’s esports skills. 

The esports team has over half a million follower on its social media pages. SAF wants to use this social media following to scout talent within the esports scene.

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Furthermore, SAF’s partnership manager, Craig Winfield, commented on the announcement. He highlighted the academy’s importance within the FIFA esports scene:

“As more brands look to enter the esports space, we feel that it’s vital for our players to understand the importance of creating their own brand within SAF and the wider FIFA esports ecosystem. The SAF Academy will be an important part of our organisation’s ability to create esports stars of the future”.

For more information on SAF Global Gaming and its new Fifa esports academy, visit the team’s official website


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