Phasmophobia’s Christmas Update Includes An Evil Santa Claus Ghost

We hope you’ve been good this year, because Santa has arrived in Phasmophobia, and coal is the least of your worries.

After teasing the Christmas update last month, Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions v0.5.0 has dropped. The update teased a variety of new additions such as a summoning circle and a voodoo doll. With the update we now know of other items that were previously redacted, like the haunted mirror. There’s also a music box that ghosts will sing to, and a ouija board.

However, new items aren’t the only addition to the game. This wasn’t teased at all, but Kinetic Games have added a new ghost to Phasmophobia called The Mimic.

The Mimic will be a bit of a tougher nut to crack, as it copies the traits of other ghosts. If you want to successfully find it, you’ll need to use a ghost orb to do so. Otherwise you’ll be in for a tough time with it.

However, there was one other addition that is a bit more holiday appropriate. Santa Claus himself has made his way to Phasmophobia. Well, a dead version of him at least. You’ll know when he’s nearby, as those sleigh bells will ring, so you better make sure you’re listening. He’s festively decked out in his classic attire, holding a candy cane just for you.

The previous update for Phasmophobia recently added a new nightmare mode to the game for added difficulty. On top of that was the new map, Maple Lodge, so there’s plenty to do in the ghost hunting world.

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Featured Image Credit: Kinetic Games