Why On Earth Did The Scooby Doo Movie Have So Many Adult Jokes?

If you can believe it, the live action Scooby Doo celebrated its 20th anniversary this week, and a fan has compiled all of the adult jokes you probably missed.

The live action adaptation of Scooby Doo just hit its 20th anniversary this week on June 14. Which definitely isn’t making us feel old. It is, very obviously, an undeniable classic. And cemented Matthew Lillard as the de facto Shaggy for the modern era.

But technically speaking, it is a kids film, as it has a PG rating. That PG rating was probably intended for the genuinely still kind of terrifying monsters that are in the film. Though honestly, it could be to do with the numerous jokes that are very clearly for adults only.

If you haven’t watched it since you were a kid, first of all fix that mistake. And second of all, you probably missed a whole range of jokes that were clearly there to entertain adults that were taking their kids to the cinema.

these jokes were not for kids

And now the Twitter account notgwendalupe has compiled some of the best adult jokes in the film, in celebration of the 20th anniversary. Starting off with the original animated opening of the film, which was cut in the end.

There are a tonne of weed references in Scooby Doo, obviously all centred around Shaggy and his canine friend. One of the earliest shots in the film shows the outside of the mystery machine with smoke coming out of it. Slightly suggesting a certain amount of hotboxing is going on. But now, Shaggy and Scoob are just grilling up some burgies of course!

Then there’s the moment where Shaggy meets Mary Jane, which is his “favourite name.” And we don’t think he’s a Spider-Man fan.

Another moment literally sees Fred saying that dorky chicks like Velma “turn him on“, which we’re honestly not sure how that made it in. The whole thread is well worth a read. Because there are plenty more jokes literally designed for adults to be found. 

These days, we’re seeing Scooby and gang in places like MultiVersus fighting against the likes of Superman.

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