Sealed Pokémon Booster Box Collection Is Up For Sale For $1M

If you were a 90s kid then you probably still have nothing but fond memories of Pokémon trading cards. They were the absolute pinnacle of the playground, and one of my biggest regrets is taking better care of my Ty Beanie Babies than my Shiny Charizard (RIP).

Thankfully there are people out there who were a lot more careful with their card collections that I was, and despite it being 2019, there are even still fully sealed boxes of cards going up for auction all the time.

Credit: eBay: pokemon_revolution

One avid collector in particular has decided to put their whole Pokémon trading card collection on eBay – for $1,000,000.

eBay seller pokemon_revolution doesn’t just have any old cards though: they’re selling “all 31 1st Edition Sealed Booster Boxes From Wizards of the Coast.”

Yep, not packs. Boxes. Check out some images of the collection below.

Credit: eBay: pokemon_revolution

In the listing’s description the seller writes: “This is it! Starting with 1st Edition Base and ending with the last EX series box ever printed. 31 factory sealed mint condition booster boxes that took almost 3 years to complete. Enjoy the photos and please, series inquiries only. Thanks!”

Explaining a little more about the listing, the seller adds: “Pokemon Revolution Prides itself in providing collectors and enthusiast with high quality PSA graded Pokemon Cards!”

Credit: eBay: pokemon_revolution

At the time of writing over a thousand people are ‘Watching’ the listing, though whether or not the cards will sell remains to be seen. Whatever happens, this is a serious collector’s listing!

It’s no secret that mint-condition cards go for serious bank. Earlier this year a collection of Pokémon trading cards were sold at auction for the eye-watering sum of $107,010 USD at Goldin Auctions, and it’s not too surprising for the hardcore collectors out there.

Credit: Pokemon Trading Card Game/Wizards of the Coast

The report states that a total of 103 Pokémon cards were sold at the auction, with each and every card bearing a “Gem Mint 10” rating – meaning they’re as pristine as they come.

If you were wondering what the collection included, the cards (naturally) came with the elusive and oh-so-expensive first edition Shiny Charizard card, as well as Chansey, Blastoise and Alakazam.

Time to dig out your old collection…?

Featured Image Credit: eBay/pokemon_revolution