Sealed Retro Nintendo Cartridge Found In Attic Sold For $9000

Did you ever have that dream as a kid of going up into the attic and discovering actual real-life treasure? Or taking a piece of junk onto Antiques Roadshow to find out it’s actually worth bazillions? (Please say that wasn’t just me?)

You may have given up on that particular childhood hope, but it’s a dream that’s still coming true for some (lucky) people.

Credit: Nintendo

A family from Nevada, US, have hit the headlines after finding an incredibly rare piece of video game history in their very own attic – and it’s just made them a SERIOUS amount of money.

Scott Amos made the discovery in his mum’s attic, where he stumbled upon a sealed cope of the 1987 classic Nintendo Entertainment System title, Kid Icarus [via Fox News].

His mum said she’s not too sure why she purchased the game and then seemingly forgot she did so, but she’s probably glad she did.

Amusingly, she was actually pretty stumped to find she’d purchased the game at all, saying: “I paid $34.99 for a stupid video game?”

Credit: Nintendo

Along with the cartridge, Amos found a receipt for the $38.45 purchase (including tax), dated December 8th, 1988.

Expected to reach the $10,000 USD mark during an auction that took place earlier this week, the sealed Kid Icarus came in at just under that, selling for a whopping $9,000.

Speaking to the Reno Gazette Journal, Amos said: “[my mom] thinks she put it there and never got it back out, and then it ended up in the attic.”

Credit: Nintendo

He admitted that he thought the find might be worth a couple of hundred bucks, and was incredibly shocked to hear of its true value.

It’s believed there are fewer than 10 known sealed copies of the 1987 game still in existence, though who knows how many forgetful mums across the world have squirrelled them away over the years?

Best get checking your attic!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo