Shovel Knight Dig Is Coming 2022 With A New Character

Time to bust the shovels out, as Shovel Knight Dig is coming 2022, with a brand new character too.

Yacht Club announced the release window for the upcoming Shovel Knight spinoff in a blogpost. They also announced a brand new character for the series, Scrap Knight. 

Picker in hand, Scrap Knight sorts worthy valuables for sale and keeps the truly special stuff slung over her shoulder in an enormous bag. She has spent her recent days sifting through the shifting refuse pile known as the Magic Landfill, a sorcerer’s rubbish heap located deep below the earth’s surface. The Hexcavators find her useful because she can recover most anything, but Scrap Knight has ideas of her own. Make haste when digging through her mystical junk yard, danger lurks in the clutter!” reads the description of the new character. 

Credit: Yacht Club Games/ Nitrome

Shovel Knight Dig differs from its 8-bit predecessor in a major way. Nitrom is developing the game, and features graphics closer to a 16-bit look. While it’s still a platformer, the gameplay now incorporates puzzles and rogue-like elements. The game was originally announced in 2019, and was initially expected to release this year.

Yacht Club are also collaborating on another Shovel Knight game, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. The studio is working with Vine (not that one), and the title is expected to release this winter.

Now that we know Shovel Knight Dig is coming 2022, will you be picking it up? Let us know across our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Yacht Club Games/ Nitrome