Sifu Getting Difficulty Options And Accessibility Features In Future Update

It seems that the challenging Sifu might be getting additional difficulty options to make the game easier for some.

This news is contradictory to what we were informed of back in November 2021. Speaking to MP1ST, Sloclap Executive Producer Pierre Tarno said: “The ability to rise up from death will help new players by allowing them to fail and try again multiple times when they face difficulty,” Tarno says. “But the price of mistakes will rapidly increase, and in order to fully complete the game they will have to master the combat system.

However, as reported by Eurogamer, when talking to blind gamer and accessibility advocate, Steve Saylor, Tarno revealed that additional difficulty options are planned in the future for Sifu.

Furthermore, Tarno also revealed that Sifu will also receive improved captioning as well as a high contrast mode.

Sifu Trailer
Credit: Sloclap

While some gamers might frown at the idea of Sifu receiving an easier difficulty setting, due to any number of reasons, each gamer might have additional needs not relative to another. As GameByte’s own Oisin Kuhnke puts it: “A challenging game for one person is an impossible task for another.

In our review of Sifu, we said: “Despite an excellent combat system and intriguing world design, Sifu falls too short of its premise. Regardless of whether you’re playing it casually or going harder, the death mechanic is simply too punishing to be enjoyable. Perhaps with a fairer system, this would make for a better game.

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Sifu is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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Featured Image Credit: Sloclap