Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head Creator Wishes He Never Designed Him

Masahiro Ito, the creator of Silent Hill 2s iconic Pyramid Head wishes that he never designed the legendary survival horror villain.

Ito revealed that he wishes he never created Pyramid Head in a tweet saying: “I wish I hadn’t designed fxxkin Pyramid Head.” However, no real reason was given for his thoughts of what seems to be some kind of resentment towards the character.

Pyramid Head is one of the most popular monsters ever

Ito did follow up by tweeting: “I don’t tweet the reason.” It would be interesting to see if Ito elaborates on his reasons because fans are wondering, why? Could it be the aesthetic design, or could it be the purpose of its existence? At this time, we can only speculate.

Silent Hill 2 is considered to be one the best horror games of all time. One of the reasons for this (other than being a great game) was protagonists such as the sinister Pyramid Head.

Pyramid Head was everywhere!

Pyramid Head existed in Silent Hill 2 as a manifestation of James Sunderland’s guilt and conflict with his dying wife. However, due to Pyramid Head’s immense popularity, the monster started to appear in other Silent Hill video games as well a movie. That’s despite having no relevance to James Sunderland.

It felt very much like the Pyramid Head was just thrown into other games and the movie because he was such a formidable monster. So, while we can only speculate, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is why Ito has resentment towards his creation.

pyramid head
Credit: Konami/Columbia Pictures

Perhaps Ito feels like his creative integrity was violated due to the commercialisation of his monster? However, we can only speculate at this time, unless Ito decides to give some form of explanation.

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Featured Image Credit: Konami