Street Fighter 6 Logo Looks A Lot Like This Adobe Stock Image

Street Fighter 6 has officially been announced, but a journalist has noticed that the logo massively resembles an Adobe stock image.

Earlier this week, Capcom officially revealed Street Fighter 6 after various teasers about the future of the series. The reveal trailer showed off an incredibly wide and shirtless Ryu. It also shows Luke, newcomer to the series, preparing to face off against Ryu.

The trailer ends with a logo reveal, which was generally met with a feeling of ‘oh, that’s a boring logo.’ It’s a very simple logo, with the letters S and F contained in a hexagon. A number six is in the bottom right, and Street Fighter is written below it. It’s a far cry from the extra design of games past. But aside from being boring, it doesn’t seem to be an original design.

Credit: Adobe/ Capcom

Journalist Aurich pointed out on Twitter that there is an image on Adobe’s stock site which looks almost exactly the same as the new logo. The image costs £47.99, and is technically slightly different. For the actual Street Fighter logo, some parts of the letters are at more of a slant. But it really does have that ‘you can copy my homework as long as you change parts’ energy. 

Presumably whoever made the logo did in fact pay the licensing fee for the stock image. But it is strange that this was approved as the final logo. Though it wouldn’t be the first time Capcom did something wrong with assets. Last year Capcom were accused of stealing an artist’s photographs which they used as textures in Resident Evil 4. This has been resolved now, but it wasn’t exactly a good look for Capcom.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom