Silent Hills Reportedly Planned To Scare You Even After Quitting The Game

The cancellation of Silent Hills will forever be a dark stain in my memories. Thanks to the success of the horrifyingly good game demo, P.T, the hype for a reboot of the SH series was unbelievable, and it’s still a sore point for lots of gamers even six years on.

Credit: Konami

New details on the canned project have now emerged thanks to video games personality, Alanah Pearce. Pearce recently revealed some new details from one of her insider sources, though she did admit she’s not 100% sure of the validity of the claims [via GameRant].

According to Pearce’s source, Silent Hills would have employed ARG elements, meaning some of the game features would spill over into real life. These (optional) features reportedly included receiving text messages, emails and more from the game – even when you’d turned off your console.

Credit: Konami

It’s even claimed that the game would be able to access your smart lights, causing random flickering in your home that, quite frankly, would have made me sh*t myself. Although a terrifying idea, it’s also pretty ingenious, and something that could only be pulled off by the one and only Hideo Kojima.

It’s also rumoured that the PS4 itself could have been “tampered” by the game, using info from your save files to cause havoc and make you question your own sanity.

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As Pearce isn’t too sure of the validity of the claims, they could be completely false, and with Silent Hills now buried down deeper than James Sunderland’s wife, it seems we might never know the truth.

Credit: Konami

If rumours are to be believed, a new Silent Hill game is destined for the PlayStation 5, but this is yet to be confirmed. Personally I feel Konami should have shot their shot with Silent Hills, but I’m willing to put my heartbreak aside and give them one more chance.

Featured Image Credit: Konami