Sit On The Face Of Pokemon’s Ditto With This Official Seat Cushion

You can now sit on the face Ditto with the new and official Pokemon Ditto Chair Cushion!

ditto cushion
Credit: PokeShopper

The official Ditto Chair Cushion will be arriving to Japanese stores later this month, though I’m sure it will also be available via a number of online import retailers.

The Ditto cushion is around 40cm in length on each side and looks to be super comfy for your buttocks. It fits perfectly on a table or desk chair, judging by the images.

No doubt this will be another strange sought-after Pokemon product and fans will be very enthusiastic to purchase the Ditto Seat Cushion. Find out more at PokeShopper!

However I can’t help but notice the huge smile on Ditto’s face, who looks way too happy that it’s gonna have you bum potentially plonked on its face or crotch.

The Pokemon franchise is no stranger to weird and wonderful products. Recently we’ve seen the Metapod cocoon sleeping bag, not to mention the giant Gengar plush that will roll you up in its tongue and let you sleep in its month.

With the Pokemon franchise celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, we’ll no doubt see plenty of more weird and wonderful items before the end of 2021.

Do you hope to pick-up the official Ditto Seat Cushion once orders go live? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: PokeShopper