Skyrim mod lets you grow from a child and get old with your family

This amazing mod for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim lets you grow from a child, and get old with your family. Could this be the best mod ever?

Skyrim continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. The forever popular Bethesda RPG is now over 10 years old. Yet, players keep finding new and incredible ways to enjoy the game. Perhaps none more so than the “Growing up in Skyrim” mod.

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Grow old in Skyrim

As reported by TheGamer, this mod allows you to start the game as a child and you will quite literally grow with the world and as well as the NPCs around you. This mod was first made available in 2014. However, it’s recently been ported to Skyrim Special and Anniversary Editions.

This mod will see you mature from infancy, become a teenager, then an adult and finally an elder. You will be able to live an NPC life with your family and town folk. Now, if there wasn’t the prospect of being burned alive by a dragon or squashed by a giant, I’d seriously consider trading in my real life to be an NPC in Skyrim!

growing up mod skyrim
Credit: Bethesda

Adventure in Skyrim with your family

When beginning the Growing up in Skyrim mod, a family and home will be selected for you. What’s more, family members will essentially be your followers, which means that you can take your children, siblings or parents out on epic adventures.

However, in order to start life as a child in Skyrim, you will need to install a playable child race. But fear not, because the mod will make suggestions for you. It is also recommended that you begin a new game to make the most out of this mod.

How will progression work in the mod?

growing up mod skyrim
Credit: Bethesda

From a child, you will start from Level 1 to Level 19. A teenager is from Level 20 to 29. An adult is from Level 30 to 79, and finally, an elder is after reaching Level 80.

At this time, the Growing up in Skyrim mod is only available for PC. Hopefully, we’ll see it implemented to consoles one day. You can download this mod from Nexusmods.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/Source: TheGamer