Skyrim Players Discovers New Spider Variant After Almost Ten Years

A Skyrim player posted the discovery on Reddit, saying that you can combine gems or souls stones with albino spider pods and make a new spider variant.

Games are often filled to the brim with things to do, and RPGs like Skyrim are even more so. It’s pretty common for certain things to go unnoticed by players, especially when they’re so subtle. But for a game like Skyrim, which won’t stop coming out, new discoveries are often surprising. Reddit user ‘nuclear_bubble’ found that combining gems or soul stones with albino spider pods gave the pods new abilities. 

Credit: Bethesda/ Screenshot by nuclear_bubble

Depending on the combination, it could result in a Mind Control Spider, a Flame Cloaked Spider, a Jumping Shock Spider, or a Jumping Poison Spider. Each new spider variant sort of acts as a grenade, but more fantasy oriented. The albino spider pods were added as part of the Dragonborn expansion.

How has no one noticed this in a decade!

Scrolling the comments on the original Reddit post, it’s clear nuclear_bubble wasn’t the only one unaware of the mechanic. The post has over 800 comments, and you’ll find numerous people with hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours of playtime saying they never found this.

Being a game designer sometimes means accepting that something you worked hard on might not ever be found. It also shows how games can sometimes be too stuffed with things to do. If you don’t make something even just a tiny bit obvious to the player, they might not ever discover it.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda