Snoop Dogg Was Streaming On Twitch and it Turned Out to Be Fake

Snoop Dogg caught lying about stream

As you may have seen, Snoop Dogg was streaming on Twitch and had thousands of viewers while doing so. It was all very entertaining but some slightly odd things happened during the stream which pointed to him not actually being the one who was playing the game. He streamed for a few hours on Wednesday evening while playing an upcoming game called SOS. This was the day that it was released and many new players got to play with who they thought was Snoop controlling his character.


During the stream he was seem smoking constantly. This requires using both hands to light and also to hold the *cough* cigarette whilst smoking. This makes it nearly impossible to play and smoke at the same time.
In this clip we can see him take both of his hands off the keyboard/mouse (that probably wasn’t even there) while lighting his smoke.

Sponsored Stream

Some people believe that this was a sponsored stream because of the timing of it and of course the fact that Snoop wasn’t even playing. This could spell trouble for the company and for Snoop as the stream didn’t have the correct tagging to show that it was a Sponsored stream. Serious trouble could be afoot for the rapper!

Viewers thoughts on Snoop Dogg lying

He so obviously doesn’t care about this game

Is he really pretending to play?

People caught on very quickly that it wasn’t actually Snoop himself playing and was just merely acting up to what he was seeing happen during the stream. This includes narrating what he was doing and shouting at his teammates what needed doing. Although it was very entertaining to watch the magic of the famous rapper playing games was somewhat lost when we learned that he wasn’t actually playing the Early access game.

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