Sonic Is Coming To Monster Hunter Rise, And It’s A Little Terrifying

Sonic is racing his way into Monster Hunter Rise this month, alongside Tails, and it’s a little bit frightening.

The crossover event between Sonic and Monster Hunter Rise is to celebrate the former’s 30th anniversary. The collaboration will allow you to acquire cosmetics for your character, Palico, and Palamute. It’ll also include special events where you can collect rings, and several Sonic themed collectibles to decorate your house with.

You’ll be able to don yourself on Sonic themed armour, essentially a tracksuit that looks like the blue blur. Admittedly, it’s kind of stylish, although the hat that looks like Sonic’s spines is a bit weird. You can dress your Palamute to look like Tails, almost like it’s cosplaying the kitsune. The thing that really incites terror, is the outfit your Palico gets.

YouTube video

Your Palico gets the honour of being Sonic himself, in a maybe too faithful costume. There are some cute running animations taken from the game. It even looks like your Palico can go Super Sonic, and do something like the homing attack. But… the eyes. They’re so lifeless. It has no mouth, but Sonic must scream. It’s always great seeing the world’s favourite hedgehog, but not like this. It’s like you skinned Sonic and asked your Palico to wear it.

You won’t have to wait too long for this borderline nightmare fuel. The event and all its collectibles are coming to the game November 26.

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Featured Image Credit: Sega/ Capcom