Sony at E3 Announced Ghosts Of Tsushima A Stealth Samurai Game Set in Japan And it is Stunning

The new Samurai game from Sucker Punch was first announced last year at Paris Game Week with an awesome CGI trailer, but since that time we’ve not seen any gameplay, however, that all changed when the first gameplay footage dropped for the PlayStation 4 exclusive at Sony’s E3 press briefing.

Ghost of Tsushima will feature a vast open-world and we got our first glimpse of that world, as well as some epic combat, and it all looked absolutely stunning. The gameplay demo begins in quite calming fashion with our protagonist named Jin taking a walk in a field of grass, before partaking in a short horse ride during the Mongol Invasion in feudal Japan during the late 13th century. Then we see our first piece of combat gameplay, and it looks like timing with your samurai sword will be key, as our hero takes down his first foe in one swift, well-timed counter and follows up by disposing of the two remain enemies.

YouTube video

After witnessing the impressive melee combat, our hero along with an ally, infiltrates an enemy temple killing the guards at the gate with a deadly stealth takedown. Then our hero sneaks his way into the temple, utilises a grapping hook, runs across the rooftops, and then stalks his next victims from above, waiting for the perfect moment to drop down and unleashes a flurry of brutal takedowns and save a captured monk. And just as one enemy calls upon reinforcements, he is impaled by Jin’s samurai sword through a paper sliding door. However, just as the gameplay demo concludes, Jin is betrayed which leads into an epic samurai showdown.

To say that the gameplay demo looks absolutely stunning is an understatement, but you can check it out for yourself. Unfortunately we never got a release date for Ghost of Tsushima, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was to release sometime next year.

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