It Seems Sony Is Discontinuing PS Plus Retail Cards

According to reports, it seems Sony is discontinuing PS Plus retail cards as it prepares for the revised service to be available worldwide.

The revised PS Plus service is already available in certain Asian regions and the Americas. For the UK, the rest of Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand, the revised service will launch tomorrow.

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Leading up to the release of the new PS Plus, Sony had only apparently blocked players from stacking subscription cards. However, there were also reports of issues related to discounts.

No discount for you!

In other words, let’s say you had previously bought a 12-month subscription and activated the card a few months ago. You attempt to upgrade to the revised PS Plus and despite having 9 months of your subscription remaining, some players were still being charged full price over 12 months.

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Credit: Sony

This angered some fans because it was a legit way to save money. After all, Sony has yearly Days of Play promotions, so why not grab a couple of 12-month subscriptions at a discounted price.

However, it now appears that Sony is pulling PS Plus subscription cards from retail stores and websites. Meaning that the only place you eventually be able to buy a subscription is direct from Sony. If true, this could put an end to shopping around for the best deal.

As reported by VGC (via XGP), while it may be possible to acquire cards from certain retailers, it seems that once those cards have been sold, they will not be restocked. Furthermore, only PlayStation Store gift cards can commonly be found at retailers.

Say your goodbyes

According to VGC, in the US, some PS Plus cards can be found at Best Buy and Target, but they are no longer available at Walmart. In the UK, cards are still sold by Currys but are no longer available via Amazon, Argos, Game or Smyths.

The revised PlayStation Plus doesn’t come cheap and is available over three tiers, PS Essential, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Premium with costs ranging from £6.99 per month to £99.99 per year.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Source (VGC via XGP)