Sony Facing Criticism For Handling Of Indie Games On PlayStation Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment has come under heavy criticism from a publisher on how it handles indies on the PlayStation Store.

Push Square reported on how, Iain Garner, the co-founder of publishing label Neon Doctrine, has seemingly criticised Sony on how indie titles are promoted, how much it costs to feature on the PS Store and obstacles caused by apparent red tape.

In a series of tweets from Iain Garner, he expressed his anger and frustration at the Japanese company.

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Credit: Neon Doctrine

Bridges may be burnt

Seemingly, Garner doesn’t outright mention Sony, yet he seemingly rules out Xbox and Nintendo on how they handle indies on the platforms. However, Garner targets his frustrations to what he called “Platform X”.

OK. I am mad enough to burn some bridges. Because honestly, what’s the point of a bridge that I am not allowed to cross.

So here is a thread about Platform X. I will not be defining Platform X but it’s the operator of a very successful console and does not have Games Pass!” said Garner in an opening series of tweets.


In the next tweet from Garner, he expresses his frustrations at the hoops he must jump through to promote his games, as well as claiming that if Platform X doesn’t like your game, then there’s “no fanfare no feature no love”.

In the following tweets, Garner shares his anger at the lack of promotions that Platform X offers, comparing them to how things are done on rival platforms.

Promotion is vital

BTW, you cannot even do a launch discount without their approval, and it is “very limited”. That’s right… You can’t do the thing that every other platform does meaning the Platform X owners will always get the worst deal!

Garner went on to talk about the reported costs it takes to promote an indie game as a featured title on the PlayStation Store. He claims that it costs $25,000 to be featured and that does not even include the 30% cut taken from the earnings.

What happens next?

At this time, we can only take the frustrated word of Iain Garner on how he claims the apparent PlayStation Store is run and how indies are handled. Though it does raise some genuine questions towards Sony and the indies.

It is worth noting though that the pricing is similar to other platform holders but that doesn’t make the criticism invalid. Will we one day see a change in how indie games are supported on digital storefronts? Let us know what you think over on our Twitter.

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