Greggs Has Been Made In A Video Game And Now We’re Hungry

When it comes to British bakeries there is one that springs to the mind of many. The one and only Greggs.

You have no doubt seen various things built in Far Cry 5’s Arcade mode, such as the impressive Goldeneye remake. Yet it’s not just impressive remakes that are created in the Far Cry 5’s building mode. Who needs remakes when you can have the famous British high street bakery, Greggs? Nobody, that’s who!

Muffin compares to this!

In case you didn’t know Greggs is a very well-known British bakery and is the go-to place for sausage rolls, pasties, pizza slices, cakes, and even hot baguettes. If you have never had a Greggs, then you have never truly lived.

That is unless you have very hastily taken a bite out of a warm pizza slice fresh out of the Greggs oven and burned the top of your mouth. Then you, my friend, you have truly lived.

History in the Baking

Far Cry 5’s Arcade mode is a fantastic creative suite and it seems that it is getting more popular by the day. We have had the likes of the aforementioned GoldenEye 007, and much more. However, this Greggs creation is quite simply taking the biscuit.

YouTube video

Thanks to the creative talents of Mojo Swoptops, they have created a near-perfect Greggs store complete with the high street exterior and it looks ever so sweet.

Over on Mojo Swoptops YouTube channel, they have so many awesome creations from Resident Evil 4 and Village, iconic locations of Hyrule, the Shire, and a Raptor Paddock from Jurassic Park. The list goes on and on, so you should really check out the channel.

YouTube video

Things can only get batter

I am not so sure if Mojo Swoptops will ever be able to top this marvellous Greggs creation in Far Cry 5, but I cannot wait to see what other creations appear on the channel next.

Are you impressed with the work cooked up by the talents of Mojo Swoptops? If so, let us know across our social media channels and check out more videos from the creator’s YouTube channel.


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Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft / Mojo Swoptops / Greggs