Sorry But Fallout 76 Will Not Be Available On Steam 

Fallout 76 is one of the year’s most highly-anticipated games, but if you were hoping to add the upcoming Bethesda title to your Steam library then you’re out of luck – at least for now. 

A spokesperson for Bethesda has reportedly told PC Gamer that “both the B.E.T.A and the launch, will be available only via, not on Steam.” 

Steam is the biggest PC gaming platform out there, with millions of users prioritising Steam’s easy-to-use functionality and collective games library rather than individually downloading titles from their developer’s website. 

Bethesda deciding not to release the upcoming Fallout game on the PC gaming platform is a risky move, as it could directly affect the number of PC sales the game achieves. 

If you still want the game, you can of course download it directly from Bethesda, but it seems like an odd decision for the company. Maybe they’ll be looking to release the title on Steam at a later date…

Bethesda isn’t the first company to choose a more non-traditional route for selling its games. Fortnite developer, Epic Games, recently confirmed that it won’t be introducing the Android mobile version of the free-to-play game to the Google Play Store. 

Epic confirmed that Google Play take a 30% cut of any money made from the game being on its store front, meaning Epic could potentially make more money by directly offering the Android mobile game through their own website. 

What do you think about Bethesda and Epic Games’ decision? Will you still be picking up Fallout 76 when it launches? 


The game’s beta is set to start in October 2018, and a tonne of new information on the beta has just been released.

It’s just been revealed, however, that Bethesda’s new B.E.T.A won’t just be a teeny little preview into what Fallout 76 will be – it IS what Fallout 76 will be. 

Yes, if you get access to the B.E.T.A what you’ll actually be getting is the full game! 

According to the game’s FAQ, Bethesda states the: “current plan for the B.E.T.A is it will be the full game and all your progress is saved for launch.” 

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