Soulja Boy Is Now Setting Up An Apex Legends Esports Team

Rapper and purveyor of completely legitimate games consoles Soulja Boy is now looking to set up his own esports team. Taking to Twitter to announce his plans, he said: “Playing @PlayApex on Xbox gamer tag Souljaboytellem add me I’m online now recruiting gamers for e sports team.”

Naturally, people were more than ready with the memes, with most people wanting to know why Soulja Boy wasn’t playing Apex Legends on his own console…

Credit: Soulja Boy

If you missed the big fuss about Soulja Boy’s various tech products, then let me fill you in. The rapper has recently tried to launch a series of consoles, smart watches and even a hover board, all with Soulja Boy branding.

Credit: SouljaGame

The consoles were basically just emulators with a focus on playable Nintendo games.

Iconic old games like The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Yoshi’s Islandwere apparently available on the console, but it’s also reportedly able to play the likes of the recently-released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Obviously Nintendo wasn’t going to allow this to happen, and despite the claims having been dismissed by Soulja Boy, it’s now believed that Nintendo took some form of legal action against the rapper.


That console is now no longer up for sale.

Maybe Soulja Boy will have more luck with an esports team…?

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Featured Image Credit: Soulja Boy/Instagram