Soulja Boy Releases Legend Of Zelda Rap And The Internet Has Thoughts

The rapper who’s just looking for a Nintendo lawsuit has now released a Legend of Zelda-themed rap [via Zelda Dungeon]. Soulja Boy took to Twitter to share the news of his brand-new song, which samples the LoZ theme and features the repeated phrase: “Green diamonds like Zelda.”

Credit: Soulja Boy

I mean…they’re rupees, not diamonds. But that’s honestly the least of Soulja’s worries with this one. Check it out for yourself below.

YouTube video

At the time of writing, the track has almost as many “dislikes” as “likes” on YouTube, and over on Twitter people are getting pretty vocal about it all.

Soulja Boy seems intent on making himself known as a gamer, despite going completely the wrong way about it. Late last year he decided it would be a good idea to start selling “Soulja Consoles” – basically glorified emulators that would allow you to play classic Nintendo games. Obviously, the house of Mario didn’t take too kindly to this, and the consoles were removed from the Soulja Store.

Credit: Nintendo

Following that, he recently also announced he wants to start his own Apex Legends esports team.

Credit: SouljaGame

Should…should someone be checking up on Soulja Boy?

Wonder how long it’s going to be before Nintendo cracks down on Soulja Boy for his latest track…?

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo