Spider-Man Vs. Tomb Raider – Which Should You Pick Up? 

Two of the most colossal games for the PlayStation 4 will be landing just a week apart from each other, and if you can’t afford (or have the time) to play both, here’s a handy guide to help you shop smart. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will release on 14th September 2018 – just seven days after Spider-Man launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4. 

Here’s a breakdown of the games to help you make your pick… 

What is it? 

Spider-Man – Insomniac Games. 

Peter Parker will be swinging his way around New York City in a way you’ve never experienced before. 

The game is incredibly detailed and open, and although the game doesn’t take place in the canon Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s going to be easter eggs and cameos galore in this title. 

You’ll be battling some classic Spidey villains which include The Scorpion, The Vulture, Rhino, Electro and more, meaning you definitely won’t have the time to be bored in this world. 

Along with the main missions, you’ll have the whole of NYC to explore, with hundreds of collectables, side-quests and mini-missions to tide you over. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montréal.

As the third and final instalment in the rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy, Shadow is going to deliver the epic conclusion on the road to discovering how Lara Croft became the adventurer we know and love. 

Now a hardened killer, astute treasure-hunter and still-emotionally damaged warrior, Lara is on a mission in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. 

Set to be the biggest and the most difficult game in the whole of the Lara Croft back-catalogue, Shadow promises a new challenge for even the most seasoned Tomb Raider fan. 



You won’t be the unsure and young Spider-Man from the Tobey Maguire days. Spidey is now aged 23 and has eight years of crime-fighting under his belt. This isn’t a coming-of-age story – this is Spider-Man at his finest, with a huge amount of experience under his belt. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider 

The rebooted trilogy wants to show its audience how Lara became who she is in the earlier games in the franchise. After battling with emotional demons, struggling with her actions and fighting for her life, Lara has come a very long way. Her mental torment is going to be a huge point of focus for the game, so expect a lot of character growth and transitioning.  

Combat Style 


Taking its cue from games like Batman and Shadow of Mordor, Spider-Man‘s aim is to deliver a smooth, seamless and streamlined combat system that’s fun and worthy of a superhero. 

From gameplay and trailers for the game it looks like Spidey’s been spending some time with the NYC Ballet, as his combat moves are eerily dreamy and so smooth it’s like he’s dancing…and also punching. 

Combos, chain attacks and his natural fluidity makes this gameplay look flawless. The game uses a focus bar which fills to help fuel special attacks and healing. 

Different unlockable costumes in the game, including the Iron Spider suit and a punk-inspired look, will boost and alter Spidey’s stats, giving you tactical advantages should you need them. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider 

Although a more story-focused game, Shadow still has a more-typical battle system if that’s more of your thing. 

Instead of guns, Lara will favour her bow and arrow as she has done in previous Tomb Raider reboot titles. 

She’s more of a pro killer in this game, and she’ll execute some pretty gruesome and bloody moves to get her kill. With more close-quartered combat it’s easy to have an emotional connection to the battles in a Tomb Raider game.  

A lot of finesse will be needed to make the shots and get the kills you need.

Play Style 


Spider-Man is going to introduce a new level of freedom not usually seen in a Spidey title. You’ll play as both Spider-Man and Peter Parker – but you’ll also be able to take control of Mary-Jane Watson for specific quests and missions. 

Balance your everyday life of Peter with the web-slinging activities of Spider-Man, interact with friends and family and go to work as Peter but fight crime as Spidey. 

Moving around the world looks like an experience in itself thanks to the flawless-looking web-slinging action. The game’s devs have spent a lot of hours into making web-slinging a natural and seamless part of the title, ensuring it’s never a chore to get from A to B. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider 

Shadow is aiming for more of a home-grown and natural environment for you to interact with. The residents of Paititi can be interacted with, they converse in their own language and survive in a beautiful environment that encourages exploration with its level design. 

As is typical for a Tomb Raider title, you’ll be balancing combat with puzzle-solving and treasure-hunting, with loads of optional quests ranging from helping local children to disbanding a local cult. 

The game’s environments will discourage or welcome specific types of gameplay, for example the jungle areas allow for more stealthy play, while tombs will test the mind to get to their core. Work fast to solve puzzles under water, or take your time with tricky climbing areas.  

Which of the two are you planning on picking up? Or are both these titles on your wish list?