Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remake is Coming to PS4 This Year

It has been leaked by a few sources that Activision are making a Spyro Trilogy remaster. Many gamers have been begging for Spyro to be remastered for a number of years now. After Crash Bandicoot was remastered last year many Spyro fans thought that a Spyro remaster can’t be far away. It seems that they were correct!

The trilogy will have remastered animations, cinematics and also an updated sound track. This will make playing Spyro a much more immersive experience and I can’t wait to see what they have instore for us with this trilogy.

The release date could even be as early as March this year! So Spyro fans won’t have long to wait to get their hands on the remastered game. This is said to only be for the PS4 at the moment though with other consoles following on soon after.

However another source has stated that they believe it will be dropping in September which aligns with the 20 year anniversary of the game. I believe this is the more likely of the two leaks. Either way I will definitely be picking it up and not leaving my house for about a week while a work through the whole trilogy.

Will you be picking up Spyro when it gets released? Let us know!