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Square Enix Has ‘No Plans’ To Scale Back Babylon’s Fall Development

At this time, Square Enix has “no plans” to scale back its development for Babylon’s Fall, despite its very rough start following launch.

It’s fair to say that Babylon’s Fall from Bayonetta developer PlatinumGames has been an instant flop. Poor visuals being compared to the PS2 era, uninspired gameplay, and a plethora of microtransactions which even includes a battle pass.

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When Babylon’s Fall launched, it generated less than 650 concurrent players. At the time of writing, according to SteamDB, its all-time peak is a woeful 1,188 players and only averages between 100-300 players on a regular basis. Furthermore, Metacritic has a review score of 39 and a user score of just 1.9.


However, despite Babylon’s Falls failing, Square Enix and PlatinumGames have no plans to scale back on its development. In fact, according to Eurogamer, content for season 2 is “practically complete” and work has already begun for season 3.

New content is on the way

That being said, at least Babylon’s Fall players will have upcoming Nier: Automata content to look forward to as well as a new gauntlet mode, right?

We will continue to provide new content for the game and make improvements based on player feedback, striving to keep existing players playing and to attract newcomers,” read a development update.


We would like to thank all Sentinels already enjoying the world of Babylon’s Fall, as we look forward to welcoming more of you in the future!

In my opinion, I wouldn’t want or expect development for Babylon’s Fall to be scaled back anytime soon. I’d want those that paid for the game to have the best experience possible. To think, Square Enix considers Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game to be a disappointment!

Everything is fine, right?

Credit: KC Green

Have you been one of the few that’s been enjoying Babylon’s Fall? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the game across our social media channels.


Babylon’s Fall is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix/PlatinumGames