Stan Lee’s Ex-Manager Has Been Charged With Elder Abuse

Stan Lee’s ex-business manager, Keya Morgan, has been charged with five counts of elder abuse by The Los Angeles Superior Court.

Accusations of elder abuse against Lee have been raging since 2017, and Morgan has been one of the most central figures in the allegations after a tumultuous relationship between the manager and Lee was exposed by Lee and his family.

Credit: Marvel

In the past, Morgan was charged with two counts of reporting a false emergency, one for calling 911 to report burglars in Lee’s home, and again for accusing a security guard of assault with a deadly weapon. Both claims were found to be false.

In July 2018, Lee and his family sought a restraining order against Morgan, which was granted.

Credit: Marvel

During Morgan’s time as Lee’s manager, longtime staff members were fired, there were suggestions that Morgan took over Lee’s social media accounts, and there were accusations of elder abuse and fraud against the comic book hero.

The Los Angeles Superior Court’s new charges include four felony counts of elder abuse, reports Polygon.

Credit: Marvel

These are: false imprisonment of an elder and three counts of “theft, embezzlement, forgery, or fraud.”

When contacted, the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Public Information Office told Polygon that a warrant has been issued for Morgan’s arrest, who now faces jail time.

The late and great Stan Lee sadly passed away last November, but his legend lives on thanks to the huge impact he made on the world.

Thankfully, he’ll always be remembered as the hero who created the best of Marvel, and not for his legal battles.

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Hopefully, justice will be served, because with great power comes great responsibility. Stan Lee was all about justice after all.

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