Star Citizen Announces New Ships, But There’s Still No Release Date

The community-funded space exploration game, Star Citizen, has announced new ships, a new system and new clouds- but there’s still no release date.

The controversial crowd-funded game has raised a total of $391,553,705 USD towards the development of Star Citizen. It’s got over 3,000,000 backers looking forward to playing the game. It started alpha testing in 2013. And yet, we are still waiting to see a game-play demo. 

At their annual CitizenCon event, the developers, Cloud Imperium Games, showcased new features of the game. As reported by Eurogamer, this included the Pyro system with it’s fluffy clouds. It also included more ship announcements. We wrote about the developers being criticised for selling ships that might never make it into the game last month. 


If you are interested, the full recording of the 2 hour event is on YouTube here:

YouTube video

The developers have got a roadmap with information about updates going into next year. But at the moment there is no release date – or even a release window – for the completed, playable game. Ten years and hundreds of millions of dollars since Star Citizen’s inception, are we any closer to playing this game?

Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

cloud imperium games

Eurogamer also flagged that Squadron 42, a game set in the same universe as Star Citizen, was notably absent from their conference. No updates were given about the development of the game, which has already missed several targets this year. Squadron 42 was due to be released seven years ago. Chris Roberts, CIG’s director, has said that: “We still have a ways to go before we are in beta, but everyone on Squadron 42 is working very hard to deliver something great”.


We wrote back in 2019 that the Federal Trade Commission, the US financial regulator, had received numerous complaints about CIG. We’re approaching the end of 2021 – are we any closer to seeing a completed game?

Are you a Star Citizen backer waiting for a release date? How do you feel about the delays? Let us know via our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Cloud Imperium Games