New World Players Are Using Bans To Get Ahead

Players of Amazon Games’ MMO game, New World, seem to be using reports and bans to win wars and get ahead.

New World was released two weeks ago, and like many new games, has had a bit of a rocky start. Despite the delays and glitches, Jeff Bezos is happy with how it’s gone, though.

New World players have reported long queues to join servers as reported by GameSpot. The game also seems to be causing issues for GPUs, as explained by GameRant.

new world
Credit: Amazon Games

Amazon Games have written about how they’ve been working hard to address these issues since launch. They have released fixes for some of the bugs, and are introducing new servers to reduce wait times:

“[W]e more than doubled the number of available servers, increased server capacity on existing servers, and are continuing to work on a feature to allow players to transfer their characters to different servers, which will be available soon.”

However, it seems like some players are exploiting the reporting features in order to get ahead in the game. Players have taken to Reddit to complain that they’ve been banned without a good reason, according to PC Gamer.

Reddit user u/grayson1478 posted about how 50 out of 100 players on their server have been banned. While abusing the reporting features is common in many online games, New World seems to have a particularly bad outbreak of this behaviour.

This trend will only add to the sense of frustration for players of New World, who’ve battled through delays, bugs and glitches to play.

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Featured Image Credit: Amazon Games