Star Wars Battlefront II Finally Gets Rid Of Loot Boxes

Unless you’ve been living under a digital rock in the gaming world, the chances are that you would have heard about the lame loot box and progression system attached to Star Wars Battlefront II, which got so bad, even government officials got involved. The backlash following the launch of the game caused EA to put a temporary stop to loot boxes within Star Wars Battlefront II, though it was made clear back then that they would return in some form. Well now that day is nearly upon us and EA and DICE have detailed the big changes that will be implemented within the game for its progression system and loot boxes.

The changes will roll out from Wednesday March 21st via an update when you fire-up the game (or course if you have automatic downloads activated). Quite possibly the biggest change will come to the Crates aka loot boxes which will no longer contain any items that will give the player any kind of in-game enhancement that will effect gameplay. So from March 21st, you will no longer acquire Star Cards from Crates. The only way that you will unlock or upgrade Star Cards will be by spending in-game Skill Points which are all earned by levelling-up heroes, classes and ships.

So what will Crates now contain? Well, from now Crates will only contain cosmetic items such as emotes and victory poses. However, you will also no longer be able to purchase Crates with real-world money, instead they are only acquired by completing challenges, milestones and daily logins.

Also coming in April, you will be able to spend real-world money to change your characters appearance using microtransaction currency known as Crystals, but you will also be able to change appearances using Credit Currency which is earned through gameplay. We don’t know at this time what the changes to appearances will be or what characters will be eligible in April, but on the Star Wars Battlefront II blog post, it was said that “”If you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of the Resistance as a Rodian, your chance is right around the corner.” Which I’m pretty such was an option available 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront, buy hey, whatever.

It’s a shame that it took such drastic measures for EA and DICE to implement these changes, as progression and Crates should have been this way from the get-go, but I suppose as they say “better late than never.” But what about you? Are these changes to little to late or perhaps this has encouraged you to give the game another chance? Let us know across our social media channels.

You can read up on further details made to Star Wars Battlefront II over on EA’s official blog post.