Starfield and Redfall release windows teased by Xbox insider

Starfield and Redfall release windows have been teased by an Xbox insider. So could Bethesda finally announce new dates soon?

Both Redfall and Starfield are the next big Bethesda exclusives to arrive on PC and Xbox Series X|S. However, prior to the most recent delay, both games were set to launch in late 2022.

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Credit: Bethesda/Xbox Game Studios

When are the Redfall and Starfield release dates?

Following both games being delayed, no release dates were announced for Redfall or Starfield. All we knew at the time was that they were to be released in 2023. 

While Starfield is expected to launch in early 2023, Redfall is believed to arrive a little later during the Spring season.

Credit: Bethesda/Xbox Game Studios

It should be a great year for Xbox and Bethesda!

However, as reported by Game Rant, a known Xbox insider on Resetera by the name of Klobrille has suggested that Redfall will arrive sometime in May.

When responding to another user’s suggestion that Redfall won’t release until late 2023, Klobrille stated that: “I May disagree with that.” Now, that comment could mean exactly what it reads. That being said, the word “May” is capitalised as if the month of May was being referred to.

What about Starfield?

Obviously, we should take all rumours and speculation with a pinch of salt. Especially for those that are unconfirmed. However, as picked up by Pure Xbox, Klobrille also shared the news that Starfield is re-confirmed for an early 2023 release. Happy days!

So there you have it, at least for now, Redfall could release in May 2023 and with a bit of luck, Starfield might arrive a little earlier. Hopefully, Microsoft and Bethesda might even officially announce new release dates soon.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/Source: Game Rant/Pure Xbox